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The industrial revolution has led to an unprecedented demand for faster and more efficient processing of bulk chemicals with regard to both quantity and quality. This demand has created the need for engineers familiar not only with machine behavior, but with chemical reactions, transport phenomena, and atomic and nuclear structure of materials. They must be familiar with petroleum, plastics, polymers and more recently there has been a growing need for engineers knowledgeable about pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biotechnology and nanotechnology.

You need to capitalize on these emerging trends now, to take advantage of business growth opportunities.

Nanotech Interface is here to assist. We provide prompt consulting services, problem-solving strategies, on-site seminars, and workshops on special needs topics in Chemical Engineering and Nanotechnology, within our expertise.

Nanotech Interface's professionals harvest a wealth of experience from multiple disciplines including Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Surface Science, Immunology, Pharmaceutical, and Biophysics. Our team members draw on specialties in industrial R&D, manufacturing, and academia.